Things to do when you are bored  💅🏼 (creative people edition)

Creative people: ideas for them

  • Draw a collage of your favourite things  
  • Create something that you can put in your room like bunting 
  • Put art pictures on your bedroom wall, this is mine…
  • Create a drawing with something 3D like a dress made from CD pieces!  I did a dress with sweet wrappers 
  • Try zentangles or doodling
  • Create a design for a phone case
  • Paint your nails- search up on the internet nail art and also look at water marbling it’s surprisingly easily to do
  • Design a dress and maybe make it
  • Knit or crochet something
  • Rainbow loom? I personally think younger people enjoy that more
  • Try calligraphy  

Revision techniques and tips

Exams are hard right? It’s the struggle of diving into your brain and finding the answers and putting them on paper but revision helps us remember. Here are some revision techniques and tips:

  • Take notes in class! This is important as it will help you when you revise! 
  • Record you reading important notes and listen to it on the way to school and about.. If you are just reading your school book just listen to it too.
  • Flash cards – use flash cards to remember things that are simple but have a little description to them for example in English we had to remember quotes and I wrote what I needed to remember for each quote.
  • Past papers help A LOT! Have the mark scheme up too so you can check your answer and take notes if you get it wrong – when you revise for any sciences I find it useful
  • Posters or mind maps- if you have different titles and different sections to a thing you need to revise I would use a mindmap. Each branch should represent one area of that topic.
  • Booklets- when people give you a topic list or a checklist it’s important you get all the information so making a booklet a page for each topic is useful!
  • Digital flash cards – basically the same as regular flash cards but in digital flash cards you can have someone prenouncing or reading it- ‘Chegg Flashcards‘ (app) are good for this but the voices for English and Spanish don’t sound that well.. Realistic. Well I don’t think so anyway…

I hope this helps you!! And no I’m not a geek in just giving you advice haha! 

Oh one last point

  • NO CRAMMING! Whatever you do don’t procrastinate and miss revision til last minute!

Some good websites:

  • Mymaths
  • Bbc bitesize
  • YouTube is good for maths!

Little tips: 

  • Keep topics separate and tidy using polypokets and folders!
  • Get those highlighters our! Colour is good for the eyes and helps you remember things!

There’s more to someone than meets the eye

Hello guys! I’m back.. I’m really bad at writing and keeping up to date with my life. Just seriously…
dont trust me with anything

 So I don’t know what to say to be perfectly honest 

I think that things are so much better now than it used to be. 

For example I am finding it easier to understand and hear people. And I think my attitude has changed. It annoyed me and still does when people laugh behind my back because I think that they are talking about me and calling me names.

I used to find it hard to find something to say that will make them understand what they have done, like one liners. 

I do still get upset and annoyed but that’s part of life isn’t it.  Now I am rambling on….. Sorry.

But I just wanted to be clear.. I’m not saying oh I’m deaf so that was offensive to everything you do. Some people actually think that.. I’m just raising awareness. I’m deaf and proud. I’m not afraid to say it. 

The other day someone I know did an impression of a disabled person who couldn’t walk behind their back and took the mickey. It’s disgusting behaviour. I told them that was rude and I told them how would they feel if that person was them. I was so angry. I shook my head at them. They didn’t speak so I’m guessing they learnt their lesson.

But it’s things like that, that really make me mad. I wish the world could see that it’s not their fault they have a disability and they should all never judge a book by its cover. There’s a lot more to a person then you know. It’s like your nan or grandad or something, just coz they are old now it doesn’t mean they weren’t young once. You may find that they swam across the channel or something insane! 

So if you are one of those people that thinks your nan or grandad just love cabbage and flowers speak to them about their past!! 

How would your life be different if…You stopped making negative judgmental assumptions about people you encounter? Let today be the day…You look for the good in everyone you meet and respect their journey.

There’s more to someone than meets the eye.

15th April 2015

> wamyblamyshamy online x
Hey! (Well I don’t actually know if anyone’s reading this….. So…)
Grab a drink, take a seat, make yourself comfy… Ready?

Let’s get star, star, starty, starty, let’s get , starty started! (Hope you read that as a song because if not, that would not make sense at all.) okay, I’m a bit odd. Let’s leave it, yep… Awkward.

It has been a long time since I last wrote!!
I am just never in the mood for writing…. So sorry if anyones (at all!) is expecting me to do frequent posts! I’m so lazy when it comes to writing anything, especially on my iPad or on the computer!
Anyway…. My hearing aids all good! 
I got my radio aids a while ago now and they are all working now, it is so much clearer to hear the teacher with both hearing aids! I never wrote about this! I have again, been SO lazy!
I got the waterproof kit for my holiday in spring break and I have tested it in the bath. Amazing. One of the best experiences of my life. Now if you are reading this you may have normal hearing and I hope I don’t sound too weird when you read this but as my first ever experience underwater…*stunned silence* WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME IT WAS LIKE BEING A MERMAID! Just think- How would you feel if you were me, to hear for the first time, underwater?
Okay… So for example, when I was younger for homework we had to hear what sounds sound like in different places. One of them said the bath. Now I couldn’t do this at the time so I left the spaces where you had to describe it, blank, I handed it in the next day and my teacher wrote in the box in that red teachers ink as a correction to say, why haven’t you done this, you need to do this!! And honestly… Really? But now I have them I can do it so HAHAHAHAHAAAAA teacher in the past!
Back to what it sounded like, I honestly did not know that when you spoke with your ears underwater it’s all muffled… And I did not know that when you put your mouth underwater and say something it’s all bubbles like your a fish or something… I did not even know what it sounded like to go deep underwater, the sloshing of the water above you. (I said the alphabet underwater, okay! You would do the same thing I’m sure)
So with my waterproof hearing aid kit I went snorkelling,in a pool, on some water slides. And I can hear how loud I’m shouting when I’m in the pool, I don’t realise, but I am really very loud!!! Everyone stares at me like in wearing a ridiculous ballerina costume and my face looks like a gorilla when it’s sniffing the air and my feet look like a oversized penguins. Snorkelling was amazing, I saw loads of fish of all sizes, obviously not the size of a shark or whatever, but they were so gorgeous and beautiful! With the sounds this made the experience much more worthwhile. It was honestly out of this world.
I am so much better at hearing than before. Nobody is being rude to me or in someway offending me about my hearing. I’m enjoying school more now! Some people ignore me at school though, it makes me feel left out, I feel as if I cannot speak to them because they wouldn’t care anyway. It makes me feel as if I can’t have my own opinions, say anything because, do I annoy them too much? The fact I say very little when I’m near them because of noisy situations around me, such as the dining hall at my school or the canteen. They say that why I annoy them, the fact I sit with them but don’t say anything, I would say a bit (okay, maybe a lot) , if I could hear. I mean this could be the same for anyone, deaf or not, you could feel left out just because you missed something, or because of the situations around you
I also got some new moulds for my ear so they stay on, because normally in PE at school they always fall off when I am running so I often leave them behind or with my friend. And I’m so happy because they stay on now, I can finally run with ought looking a bit odd and a bit silly clutching my hearing aids on my ears as I run, when I’m meant to be sprinting! 
wamyshamyblamy offline x <

First post in ages!

Before I start I just want to show you what I was meant to put on my blog but I never did-

I had the operation on my ear now and I love it. It’s helped me in every way. Well, at least I think it does. At the moment I can’t hear anything on the ear apart from tingly feelings I will call them tingles . When I hear a two syllabled word it will mean I feel 2 tingles. But if I hear 3 can you guess? three tingles. I don’t mind the tingles they are ok. Sometimes if they change the levels too high it can give me a big tingle which can sort of hurt me in a way. Like too much it makes you dizzy. When I first had it turned on it felt funny. It’s not like you can hear it straight away but it is a gradual hearing process. It takes time and I have to keep going to hospital to have it turned up a bit more. I’ve been there about three times now and it is going well. I have to do listening practice with only my new ear. I have to practice ooh eee aaaaa sssssh ssssss sounds. I can use the syllables I know from a word and the sounds I learn to make out a word. When I hear these sounds it is tingles. The ssssss is silent however the oooo can be quite strong. On my new ear we have four different programs and every time I get back from the hospital every few days I have to change the programs so I get an idea of what it feels like.

When I came back after two weeks of recovery at school every one looked happy to see me and I felt so happy to see them. But there was a bad thing….. I had to catch up on lots of work. I had to spend most of my break times and lunch times working. Then when I got home I did more. After a while I caught up. That was lucky! I showed everyone my hearing aid and people asked me lots of questions. (If you’ve got a question ask me in the questions for me section!)

I can hear the word sheep and cheap and can understand songs when I take my old hearing aid off and I can use the syllables and tingles and sounds to work it out however my musical knowledge

So anyway that was written a while ago now. I think my hearing has changed ever since I wrote that because I am noticing sounds more in my new hearing aid and the words come together and sound like full sentences. I am really happy I have got it done because I say pardon less now. A while ago I got the same model processor on my old ear so they are both the same type. The good thing is they are both the same weight so it doesn’t feel slightly heavier on one side. It is also smaller and less recognisable. It is kind of annoying as well because it means I have to make sure both of them are charged because if they are not then you can’t hear anything. Quite a while ago before I got the model on my old ear I could just replace the batteries but now I need to recharge them on a charger.

I also got a radio aid the other day which means I can use it on the new model however one of the receivers did not work so I can only hear what happening on the radio aid through one ear, I will be getting another one soon so I will be able to use the radio aid on two ears. Hopefully it will work well!

Being deaf

Oh it’s a hard life! It’s so hard to hear around the school, almost everywhere in the school! The only chance I get to hear and understand people is when I am in a quiet situation, the dining hall, classrooms are always noisy at lunch and break time so I can hardly understand what goes on…

It’s a hard life all right, being deaf is nothing to be ashamed off and although its hard sometimes i mustn’t be afraid to tell everyone and show people, be proud of who I am

People are all different,
But you are you and be proud to show everyone

Wamyshamyblamy xx

18th February 2013

Hello guys!
This weekend I have been away to a school for deaf children,
We got to meet other deaf children and stayed in our own bedrooms,
We went bowling, went on the beach, and I made some friends, they know what it feels like in a group of three, being ignored and teased or bullied,
One on the children couldn’t speak only sign so it was my opportunity to learn it,
The others only spoke but we managed to communicate with her well, she corrected us when we did something wrong, so that was wicked! I really missed my parents, because when I was in my room at night I couldn’t turn the light off as it was a key and the bed was so uncomfortable, just imagine, kids have to sleep in their room five days a week and only see the parents at weekends and holidays! I feel so sorry for them, don’t you?

wamypamyblamy.. Xx